The Best Orlando Protein Recipes for Healthy Eating

Here are some of the best Orlando protein recipes that are healthy and filling.

It is no secret that protein fills you and keeps you satisfied longer. To the busy multi-tasker or even the athlete, proteins are critical building blocks for tissue repair and recovery. There are several ways to get the much-needed protein in our diet, beyond the protein powders; but with a variety of whole foods, we should be consuming regularly. Here are just a few foods and recipes to consider when upping your protein intake.


Quinoa is a whole grain with many nutritional benefits. In fact, quinoa is a complete protein, meaning it provides all nine essential amino acids necessary to meet your dietary needs. A quantity of 100 grams of Quinoa packs a big punch, with over 14 grams of protein; it is also naturally gluten-free.

Not to mention that Quinoa is packed with other essential nutrients, like complex carbs so it’ll keep you full longer.

Quick Cooking Basics:

  • You want to first rinse the quinoa with water
  • Then place 1 cup of quinoa into a saucepan with 2 cups of water. Bring this to a boil
  • Then set it to simmer and wait for all the water to disappear. The quinoa should look transparent when done


Chickpeas (or Garbanzo beans) is a nutrient-rich food packed with over 8 grams of protein per 100 grams and can be blended into a delicious hummus or placed in a tasty salad.

To get the best out of your chickpeas, making a chickpea salad is suggested since it’s not only healthy but delicious.

Using just a few simple ingredients, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, balsamic vinaigrette, and olive oil, you can create a variety of meals.

Quick Cooking Basics:

  • Cut the tomatoes in half, dice the cucumbers, and crumble the feta. Strain the chickpeas (if they’re from a  can)
  • Mix in all the ingredients in a bowl and in little to no time you have a chickpea salad


When it comes to lean meats, chicken may be ideal as it is low in fat and high in nutrients. Chicken has 27 grams of protein per 100 grams. It is the go-to protein for bodybuilders and health-seekers.

Quick Cooking Basics:

  • Select lean cuts and skinless versions like skinless chicken breast
  • Season as you like, or even create a marinade for flavor
  • Bake, roast, or grill for healthier cooking options
  • Be sure to achieve the desired, safe internal temperature of 165 deg Fahrenheit
  • Feel free to use leftovers for salads or soups throughout the week


Yogurt is packed with protein, calcium and probiotics. Yogurt carries a protein payout of about 20g of protein per 7 oz. Yogurt also carry probiotics, which are good bacteria that can help ramp up your metabolism and improve your immune system.

Quick Cooking Basics:

  • Opt for the low fat to fat-free versions
  • Read the food label. Avoid varieties with added sugars that exceed their protein levels

All of these recipes can make some high protein meals!

So if you’re looking for some healthy Orlando protein recipes and foods then look no further than quinoa, chickpeas, chicken and yogurt. These foods are packed with protein, nutrients and what your body requires for function.

For more information about healthy eating or Orlando protein recipes, be sure to contact us here at Endurance. We’re here to help you along your health and wellness journey.