Importance of Self Care During the Holidays

The holidays are rapidly approaching which means an influx of holiday parties and added stress. We’re giving you our tips for keeping yourself healthy and happy this season.

Self-care becomes increasingly more and more important during the holidays because the stress in general is higher. When your stress levels increase it causes the stress hormones to elevate, which crush sleep hormones. This in turn increases appetites, and creates cravings for certain foods like carbohydrates, throwing gut flora off. Many who find losing weight difficult are not addressing the root cause of their weight gain, stress. Tackling the underlying issues is key to starting a weight loss program.

Kirkland Shave, a certified life coach at Mountain Trek Weight Loss Spa in Canada, has five tips for lowering the stress hormone that he implements with all of his clients:

  1. Look into an animals eyes for 5 minutes. This has the same effect as working out for raising your serotonin levels in the brain.
  2. Do something creative for 20 minutes (the kind of creative activity where time disappears and you get into a zone).
  3. Get a message. Touch is very important for lowering the stress hormone and allowing your body to relax and the serotonin to rise.
  4. Go into nature. The kind of nature that allows you to employ all 5 senses.
  5. Do something that links the mind and the body in the present moment (yoga, meditate, etc.)

“We have a chance to notice what were experiencing, what we’re thinking, what we’re feeling, then we can become curious about why we are making decisions in our life that’s the root of change.” — Kirkland Shave on meditation and wellness, interview with JPublicRelations Podcast Priority Status

Make sure you are taking care of yourself this holiday season by taking some time every day to do something for yourself. This will allow you to keep your stress in check and you can continue on your weight loss journey seeing progress.

Watch the blog for more tips on caring for yourself this Holiday season. Need more help? Stop in for a personalized plan!