Elevate Your Weight Loss Journey

Welcome to 2019

In 2018 we focused on growth and development, for 2019 we are focusing on ELEVATING– which means to improve, or take something to a higher level. We are here to meet you where you are at and help level up your weight loss this year.

As part of our focus on elevating we’ve decided that instead of resolutions this year, we are creating monthly themes that help us on our weight loss and wellness journey.

January’s theme is reflection, we must first reflect on where we are in order to take the next steps in the right direction. It is important when reflecting to be honest with where you are really at. Being honest with yourself will allow you to create actionable goals that you can actually accomplish.

We suggest starting with what we call a Life Audit. A life audit is a personal inventory of where we stand. It takes into account the 5 key areas in your life. You rate where you are in that specific area then mark where you would like to be. Once you have decided your goal you can then create the steps required to get there.

Download your Life Audit and get started today!

Need more help with creating your steps? Stop by Endurance and let us help!