Elevate with Endurance- AFFIRM

Welcome to February 2019!!

While February may be the shortest month of the year, it’s one that represents many things. From American Heart to Black History Month, it’s a month that doesn’t disappoint. And most importantly, it is has a unified theme of Love.

As we are are dedicating each month to a particular theme to help us elevate in life, health, & wellness, this month we commit to AFFIRM. Affirm the love of self. I challenge you all to love yourself and others this month through meaningful relationships, self actualization, and positive affirmations.

Our task this month will focus on positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are simple statements to remind ourselves how amazing we are. All of us have demands or responsibilities that may at times become overwhelming, but through positive statements we can help challenge self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When repeated often, they worm themselves into our mind and slowly change our thoughts into reality.

Have your heard of the LOVE YOURSELF CHALLENGE?

Well, we have created our very own version designed to help you be more loving and kind through thoughtful words to yourself. For the next 21 days, commit to telling yourself something positive each and every single day. By the end, these statements will feel more natural and like a daily habit.

Who is this challenge for?

Anyone can join in. We all can benefit from taking the time cherish who we are.

Are you ready to start the 21-day Love Yourself Challenge? Let’s go. Best part, we have made it even easier with a DIY printable post-it notes. Use these as daily reminders to pamper your self esteem.

Here at Endurance Wellness + Weight Loss, our comprehensive weight loss plan is centered around “Loving yourself healthy.” When we do things out of self – love, we are not only more successful, but we learn to enjoy the journey. So do it because you love yourself!

Feel free to contact us for more information.