Endurance Wellness and Weight Loss Center’s mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle to the central Florida area by providing a superior weight loss and disease prevention program that incorporates nutrition, physical fitness, and wellness coaching all under medical direction. It is our quality of products, the personalization of our Lake Nona weight loss program, and the expertise of our staff that sets us apart. With much enthusiasm, we are dedicated to the success of our clients and our program.


Endurance Wellness and Weight Loss Center is located in the heart of the developing Lake Nona area. Our facility comprises the latest body contouring technology known as CoolSculpting. We also offer Lake Nona weight loss programs as well as carry top of the line meal and nutritional supplements for our clients who are seeking to lose weight and who want to focus on their wellness goals.


Dr. Jennifer Waddy shares a passion and vision for helping others lead healthier lifestyles and sees this as her niche to serve. She has heavily been involved in the fitness arena since participating in sports early on to her undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology. Always wanting to be a physician, she earned her medical training from Duke University where she conducted clinical research in cardiac rehabilitation and explored the benefits of a medically supervised comprehensive wellness program. While practicing as a hospitalist in Orlando, she has witnessed the gap in attention to weight management in the primary care setting but strongly believes that by focusing on nutrition and physical fitness, one can dramatically curtail the prevalence of preventable diseases.