8 Fall Superfoods To Add Into Your Weight Loss Plan

Fall is a great time for weight loss with its incredible produce selections. Here are 8 of our fall favorites to incorporate into your meal planning this season.


A definite fall staple, the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is absolutely true. Chalk full of dietary fibers, micronutrients, and antioxidants, this gorgeous fruit will help keep cholesterol low and cancers away.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprouts have a bad reputation but cooked properly they are delicious and another excellent source of fibers and antioxidants. Other benefits are that 1/2 cup contains more than your daily required intake of vitamin K, and are a great source of folate and iron. They also are known to help keep blood sugars regulated so are an excellent option for diabetics.


Pears are a great option when trying to lose weight because they are a highly fibrous fruit which means they will keep you full longer! It also promotes a healthy digestion and helps detox the body— pretty much a superfood when it comes to weight loss. Another great source of fiber and has a good amount of of vitamin C and copper.


Besides the fact that cauliflower helps prevent cancer, keeps your bones healthy from the vitamin C and K, and strengthens your immune system, cauliflower is a favorite for weight loss because it’s great for trickery. What do we mean by trickery? That you can easily transform cauliflower into one of those bad starches you are craving like rice or potato due to its mild flavor and texture! Coconut lime cauliflower rice or garlic cauliflower mash are a couple of favorites.


Squash is another vegie with a bad rep because it’s considered to be too high in carbohydrates. Which it is, but it is also proven to help regulate the release of sugars into the body which makes it another good option for diabetics and those wanting to lose weight. The beautiful color comes from its large amounts of vitamin A, and it is a great source for omega-3 fatty acids. Insider tip? Use a spiralizer and make spaghetti squash instead of pasta tonight, your body will thank you!


The most popular ingredient in the fall and for a good reason, it’s delicious! But did you know that it’s actually very good for you too? Full of Vitamins A, B, C,iron and folate, it’s a nutritional powerhouse. It is also full of potassium and is more than 20% of your daily recommended fiber, so keep enjoying your pumpkin soups this fall and feel good about it! Maybe just limit your intake of PSL’s and pumpkin spice pancakes.

Sweet potatoes

We can go on and on about sweet potatoes, they are a wonderful source of fiber so again, perfect for diabetics and those wanting to lose weight. They keep you full and help regulate sugars. They are also full of all of those beautiful vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, selenium, and are a good source of most of our B vitamins and vitamin C. Adding a touch of coconut oil and cinnamon gives it the perfect fall feel and can also be very beneficial to your health, so enjoy!


Pomegranate juice is known to help with gut health and digestion, so already a great option for those wanting to lose weight. Vitamin rich, full of antioxidants, anti inflammatory, immune boosting… need we say more?

Check out our Fit For Fall Meal Plan for ways to incorporate these foods into your weight loss plan. Snacker? Don’t worry, we have you covered there too with a week of fall inspired snacks

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